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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[GUIDE] How to port MIUI v4 to your Device

Hi guys, last days i got messages about a guide port miui4 to each device.

that is my method i use on my miui4 ports.

take a any cm9 or aosp based ics rom as base. with this guide, you can port miui4 from any device to your one. for best compatibility use own brand base to port. if you have desire s then port from htc devices. if galaxy nexus then try port from nexus s
    first of all replace complete folders with miui4 one.

    copy lib from miui 4 (rom you port). without this file rom will not boot.
replace media folder with base rom (that themes, wallpaper, audio from miui work)
copy telocation.db and yellowpage.db to /system/etc folder.
copy file to /system/lib

    copy invoke-as from miui4 rom to /system/xbin and give it permissions on updater-script
    set_perm(0, 0, 06755, "/system/xbin/invoke-as");

    (for backup & themes app work)

    copy from miui 4 to /system/lib and give permission on updater-script

    set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/lib/");

    (for superuser app from miui work)
change values from build.prop
Code: (version number)
if your base rom has issues, these issues will seen on this port too. example, if camera not works on base rom, then will on miui4 port also not work!

then add your stuff (updated apps, wallpaper or installer whatever you want )

make your zip and there is it. if you open your thread, dont forget give a link to based ics and port rom's.
that is method actually i use. for more info please use search on xda or ask on this thread. no private messages will answered from now

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