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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Acer liquid A1/E-CM9

[CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE by Liquid-WAG-Team

CM9 beta2 rom by Liquid-WAG-Team

  • What is working:

Usb Connections
Full HWA32bpp Framebuffer (no color banding issue)
Deep Sleep
New partition layoutTouchscreen
Tethering: (usb: fully working - wifi: please use some market app)

  • Not Working:

Camcorder (broken codecs)
 Mass Storage in Recovery (CWM limitation on MTP drivers)

How to Install:

  • Update recovery:
    • Download CWM_Recovery_Salsa
    • Install it following 2nd post instructions

  • Update From Previous cm9 version:
    • Open CWM Recovery
    • Wipe dalvik-cache and cache partition
    • Flash new rom file.
  • New installation:
    • follow second post instructions to install CWM recovery
    • perform a full wipe/factory reset
    • flash new rom file.
Only for A1 owners:
  • Install after rom installation without reboot.

Download:CWM_Recovery_salsa: gapps: (Needed only on new installation)
Patches: (flash from recovery - disabling sign check)
internet_patch: tnx aftersilence
Beta2 Changelog
updated to android 4.0.4 (last cm sources)added a2sd script from n1 evervolvfixed compcache scriptfixed proximity sensorfixed tetheringcamera previewupdated kernel

HOW TO INSTALL [!!Read Carefully!!]

  • Install CWM Recovery needed for new partition layout[REQUIRED]

    • Download CWM acer Liquid Recovery pakage and unzip it
    • Run the installer script for your O.S.
  • Boot in Recovery Mode [Don't skip this steps are relly required to get new partition layout working as well]
    • A1 owners (256mb ram) necessarily require a SWAP partition, an EXT partition is also suggested for both liquid models
    • if you don't have one create it:
    • choose Advanced option in recovery menu
    • select Partition SD Card
    • choose your prefercences and wait for partion process end
    • select wipe data/factory reset
    • select wipe cache partition
    • Rom Flash
  • Download cm9 archive for your device and push it to your sdcard
  • Select Install zip from sdcard
  • Choose cm9 archive and wait for installation end
  • Select reboot system now
  • ENJOY your CM9

First boot can take a while up to 5mins.


  • Enable SWAP: Install a2sd script it's an easy way to get it working.
  • Data not working: open with root explorer your /system/build.prop file you should find a line like this:[/font]=skipbrokendatacall,signalstrength,datacall
edit it, removing datacall parameter. so it should be like this:,signalstrength
save your build.prop and reboot.
  • Mass Storage in Recovery Mode: Best way to use it, is using adb. Mount your sdcard (mounts and storage->mount /sdcard).
adb push SOMEFILE /sdcard/
  • BootLoop on first Boot: It's a common problem on a1 (256mb ram) device. To solve just be sure you've enabled SWAP. Boot rom with opengl enabled requires a big amount of ram. After boot you should have about 50mb free ram. So it's really needed only to boot your device.
  • Fastboot usage: A1 (256mb) owners can't flash no more system.img via fastboot. New layout partition could make your device unbootable.

CM9beta Liquid A1 (256mb ram):
CM9beta Liquid E (512mb ram):


The whole team (rogginafter_silence and me), jerpelea from freexperia team, malez for his recovery installer scripts, all testers expecially yapa73RomzesRoverManuuuFuf_Nuf and everyone else i forgot to thank (don't blame me)...


Differences between LiquidA1 and LiquidE roms: We are sorry to use two different roms atm.. But a1 needs more tweaks to run ICS, about dalvik vm and other stuff, we will merge two project that maybe in next release patching installer script. Anyway rom is pretty the same, kernel is the same (for now), so don't worry about that.

Please remember it's an under-development rom, so it needs still a lot of work to be really ready for a daily usage, and with all hardware working. We're working hard to get that.
And please don't report bugs about already known not working stuffs.


A1 (256mb) random hangs fix [thx RomzesRover]:
Turn on compcache (18%)
Tick "Allow purging of assets"

Uninstall/Go back to older roms:

i think this should be clarified.

Liquid E (512mb ram) users can use this new recovery to flash older roms or restore nandroids.

Liquid A1 (256mb ram) HAVE TO reflash malez recovery to installgb/froyo roms and manage bckps.



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