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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Galaxy S II [AOKP/CM9] Resurrection Remix ICS 4.0.4 PRO v1.3

Galaxy S II [AOKP/CM9] Resurrection Remix ICS 4.0.4 PRO v1.3

ROM Developer:

Resurrection Remix ICS PRO AOKP Edition v1.2 for Galaxy S2

About Resurrection Remix ics 4.0.4 AOKP Edition

1.3 version of Resurrection Remix is based on AOKP, CM9 and original Remix ROM also includes the most recent
version of Siyah Kernel, this create an awesome combination of performance, customization, power
and the most new features brought directly to your SGS2!

Many things that in previous versions was tweaked with mods, now are included by default in the ROM. please

Special thanks to the AOKP team, the CM9 team, Gokhanmoral and of course to all the supporters

v1.3 changelog

  • cyanogenmod #1 kernel
  • all reported bugs fixed
  • rom size lighter
  • settings and all other fc s fixed
  • camera fixed better than before
  • framework files tweaked
  • usb mass storage added
  • sms and phone fixed
  • rom complately renewed (many files ported from cm9)
  • 4.0.4 ics
  • based aokp build 31 (full ported by me no copy paste )
  • aokp rom control settings tweaks fc s fixed
  • file manager modded by me
  • galaxy s 2 settings added (thanks to teamhacksung)
  • cpu and gpu boosted
  • battery performance improvement
  • system performance improvement
  • APEX launcher
  • faster wifi browsing and gps amazing
  • phone dialler performance improvement
  • some tweaks on jar files
  • best ics aokp experience
  • no issues at all. tottaly fixed
  • black and classic apps (zip package)

Installation Guide

  1. wipe data and factory reset (higly recommented)
  2. Install the Main ROM 1.3 (important: dont install siyah kernel yet )
  3. Reboot
after reboot u can install siyah kernel but camera app start to crash again ( default CM9 KERNEL works great without problem)

Resurrection Remix ics V1.3

Black Themed Apps for V1.2-3

Classic Themed Apps for V1.2-3

Siyah kernel v3.1-b1

Older versions of ROM:

9.6 / 9.5 / 9.4 / 9.3 / 9.2 / 9.1 /

Please Read Before Ask .. Thank You

By making a rom full wipe, this cuts the chance of user made bugs to appear. Helping the thread not be filled up with more useless posts then there already is. Use a backup app, eg. Titanium Backup.. also backup your launcher settings. Restoring takes me 5 minutes at the most so stop whinging, this is not going to change in the future.

Right to clear this up
If a rom is full wipe it wipes system, data, cache but not dalvik.
It does not perform a full wipe like wipe data/factory reset in cwm.
If rom is no wipe it leaves everything as is but you need to wipe cache
 and dalvik before or after flashing rom.
If coming from GB a no wipe rom may cause you issues so it is highly
recommended you wipe data, cache, dalvik and battery stats prior to
 flash rom. This is also the same if its a full wipe rom to ensure clean install from GB..
If already on Wes rom then any of his updates just need cache and dalvik
wiping prior to or after rom flash.

DPI must be changed manually in "/system/build.prop" using a root file explorer eg. root explorer, reason for this theres multiple entry's for DPI setting which is "ro.sf.lcd.denisty=240". Youmust delete one of the entry's, then modify to your liking.

MARKET INSTALL ISSUES/UPDATES NOT SHOWING UPYou have to push over patched market, which you can download: HERE.
You will then have to put Vending.apk onto your SDCARD, open up a root file manager, eg. root explorer. Navigate to SDCARD and move Vending.apk to "/system/app/" replacing existing one. Once this is done restart the phone before opening up market.

Fix is: Unmount SDCARD by navigating to "Settings -> Storage -> Unmount SDCARD"
Titanium Backup -> Preferences -> Restore backups to... -> Internal storage

CRT OFF AFFECT credits to: Vreestyle
This has been removed as it was a little buggy, although if you didn't mind the slight bugs you can download CWM flashable packages from this thread:HERE.
Were currently on XXLPB.

SETTINGS IN ENGLISH credits to: sewe
This is a known issue, current fix is to flash over Illusion rom settings via CWM, which you can find: HERE

NO SWYPE credits to: sewe
You can download SWYPE BETA: HERE, Extract and place in "TitaniumBackup folder on SDCARD, then restore via Titanium Backup.

This usually happens with the first call you make/receive after a reboot, hold your finger over theproximity sensor for a few seconds and screen will be restored.

Uninstall/Freeze Google+ and also turn off google photos sync, even turn off sync all together. Also always restart after a fresh flash/update.
If drain is happening after fresh flash, may be the battery calibrating.. drain battery to 0% and give it a full charge.
Install CPU stats and make sure phone is going into deep sleep, if not turn off phone and remove battery this has been reported to resolve issue. 
You can also install betterbatterystats from market for further stats on whats draining battery, alternatively just use OS monitor.

This feature is not supported just yet, may come in the future.

This is not supported just yet, the contact display settings are quite basic at this stage.. may change in the future.
As for the contacts there is a possible way if u store your contacts direct to the gmail account.

Step 1 : Go to your gmail account.
Step 2 : Go to contacts
Step 3 : Mark all your contacts with numbers
Step 4 : Copy them to a Group of your desire
Step 5 : Save
Step 6 : Sync again your phone contacts
Step 7 : Go to contacts=>hit menu button=>contacts to display=>Customise=>choose [group_name_that_you_made]

And you are done!

This is how i've done it.. I hope you find this helpful

Chrome is currently in BETA, along with this rom. 

There are next to none, although if there is most likely because the app your using is not supported on ICS just yet, or if its a stock app you have to remember this is leaked firmware.

Press the Mount R/W located on the screen to grant root privileges allowing modifications to read only files.

I think this covers pretty much everything, if you would like to add an addition to the FAQ, please feel free to send a PM.
Also if someone could request this post be moved to second place by a MOD? Im guessing it would have to be westcrip.

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