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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[ANDROID APP] Beautiful Widgets Clock/Superclock/Weather Skins Super Pack!!!

Beautiful Widgets Clock/Superclock/Weather Skins Super Pack!!!
Requirements: Android, Beautiful Widgets application.
Overview: You can't download skins from inside the application? You want official and unofficial skins? Now it is possible! 

After a looong search I collect all available download skins for BW! Ιf there are others... 
A LOT of these skins are not even show up on the official application download list!
Also add skins downloaded from the official skin list.

Contains: 122 clock skins, 32 super clock skins, 24weather skins.

INSTRUCTIONS: Inside the initial zip files, there are other zip files.
Just unzip the folder/s (NOT add zip files) and add it to the skins folder on your phone.

data/ beautifulwidgets/ skins or wskins for weather skins ect

The skins should work with all BW versions. I only collect the skins.
Thanks to the skiners for the hard work.


Clock Skins

Super Clock Skins

Weather Skins

Battery Skins Thanks to anrichardson

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